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Santa Claus to arrive early this year; Roads by Seabury Quinn returns to print in a Facsimile Reproduction from Red Jacket Press.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Red Jacket Press is pleased to announce a new addition to our ongoing series of limited edition facsimile reproductions of vintage SF and Fantasy classics: a reprint of the 1948 Arkham House edition of Roads by Seabury Quinn, featuring beautiful illustrations by the legendary fantasy artist Virgil Finlay.

Drawing upon the legends that coalesced over centuries into the familiar, jolly form of Saint Nicholas, Seabury Quinn weaves a surprising new origin for this most beloved of children's icons. “I have not tried to paint the portrait of a man,” he wrote, “but merely to present a personality and hazard a guess as to the motivation that makes Santa Claus the wondrous figure he is — a figure who more than any other exemplifies the beauty of selflessness.”

Divided into three sections, Quinn’s tale begins in the days of the Roman Empire, where the mighty gladiator Claus — a barbarian from the frozen North — has just finished his term of service in the province of Judea. On the journey back to his homeland, Claus chances upon a poor family under attack and saves them from a murderous band of soldiers. With this selfless act, his life is changed forever.

Roads was selected by authors James Cawthorn and Michael Moorcock as one of the 100 Best Fantasy Books, and has been hailed by genre historian Sam Moskowitz as "the greatest adult Christmas story written by an American."

First published in the January 1938 issue of Weird Tales (and released later that same year as a highly limited edition pamphlet), Roads reappeared ten years after its initial publication as a handsome hardcover book from groundbreaking speculative fiction publisher Arkham House, an edition that featured illustrations by Virgil Finlay. This rare edition has been highly sought-after by collectors for more than 50 years.

This limited edition facsimile reprint volume is a complete and detailed reproduction of the original 1948 Arkham House first edition, fully authorized by Arkham House Publishers, and packaged in a deluxe gift box that includes a booklet with biographical information about the author and illustrator. In addition, the dust jacket and gift box both feature the beautiful metallic gold ink of the original Arkham House edition.

Further information on Roads, information on author Seabury Quinn and illustrator Virgil Finlay, and a brief excerpt are available at <>. Information on Arkham House is available at < about.htm>.

Roads (ISBN 0-9748895-8-X) is priced at $29.95, and is available now for order from the publisher at <>, or anywhere fine books are sold. (Trade terms for retailers interested in carrying any Red Jacket Press titles can be found at <>.)

Future Red Jacket Press titles will be announced as they become available, and the publishers hope to expand the scope of their reprints to feature classic titles from other notable SF publishers.

More information on Red Jacket Press and its titles and authors can be found at <>. Review copies are available upon request. Please direct any inquiries to Brian Pearce and Kerry Kyle at

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