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David A. Kyle is the author of A Pictorial History of Science Fiction and The Illustrated Book of Science Fiction Ideas & Dreams. His experience in Science Fiction dates back to the “Golden Age” of the early 1930s, as an active force in both the earliest and present-day worlds of Science Fiction fandom.

A series of reminiscences of his days in SF fandom were published in the fanzine Mimosa:

Sex In Fandom from Mimosa 10

The Most Noble and Illustrious Order of St. Fantony from Mimosa 11

I Remember Ike from Mimosa 12

Golden Ages, Silver Screens — Those Were the Days! from Mimosa 13

The Science Fiction League from Mimosa 14

Tales of Bheer and Raven's Cake from Mimosa 15

Scot and Eng. My Fannish Lands of Lore from Mimosa 16

I Miss the Banquets from Mimosa 17

Raised in the Roaring Twenties from Mimosa 18

Those Wonderful Turbulent Thirties from Mimosa 19

Farewell, Teens, Farewell from Mimosa 20

SaM — Fan Forever from Mimosa 21

Caravan to the Stars from Mimosa 22

A Fan for All Seasons from Mimosa 23

Phamous Phantasy Phan from Mimosa 24

The Legendary Hydra Club from Mimosa 25

Rocketships Came Later from Mimosa 26

Arthur C. Clarke — Fan from Mimosa 27

Chicon Ho! from Mimosa 28

Caravan to the Stars from Mimosa 29

A Fan-tastic Honeymoon from Mimosa 30