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Roads Gift Box
A new addition to our series of limited edition facsimile reproductions of vintage classics. Drawing upon the legends that coalesced over centuries into the familiar, jolly form of Saint Nicholas, Seabury Quinn weaves a spellbinding new origin for this most beloved of children's icons in Roads, originally published by Arkham House in 1948. [READ MORE >>]

Red Jacket Press is dedicated to bringing select out-of-print titles back into print, many in high-quality facsimile reproductions. Do you have a favorite book you'd like to see reprinted? Contact Us.

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Red Jacket Press is proud to present new editions of the three fully-authorized sequels to E.E. "Doc" Smith's LENSMEN series, in trade paperback and limited-edition hardcover. Click on any cover for details.
Second-Stage Lensman Trilogy
Introducing the first in a series of deluxe limited edition facsimile reproductions of vintage classics, beginning with two titles from pioneering Science Fiction and Fantasy book publisher Gnome Press! Each volume is a complete reproduction of the original first edition, fully authorized, and includes a full-color dust jacket, protective slipcase, and biographical information about the author. Click on either cover for more information.
Judgment Night Children of the Atom

by C.L. Moore
Originally published in 1952

Four different worlds. Five different tales of conflict and discovery. All of them the unique visions of C.L. Moore, presented here in her first published book. [READ MORE >>]

by Wilmar Shiras
Originally published in 1953

A group of incredibly gifted children, each the result of genetic mutation, hide their amazing abilities from a world they know will never accept them. Often cited as the inspiration for The X-Men. [READ MORE >>]